Responsible, sustainable growth

The increasing world population and rising demand for energy, among other things, is putting our Earth under great pressure. We want to invest in responsible, sustainable growth now in order to keep the Earth liveable for generations to come. 

Technology can provide a great contribution to sustainable growth, and to that end, Cofely is continuously working on trail-blazing, sustainable solutions, which enable optimum utilisation of energy sources and energy savings. 

We don't devise this innovative technology alone, though; we do this together with our clients, with suppliers, with companies within the ENGIE group of which Cofely is part, and with centres of knowledge such as universities. We motivate and inspire each other. And together we discover smarter, better and more sustainable solutions, time and time again. 

But creating a better world demands more. It demands responsibility and the will to take actual steps - for employees, stakeholders, the immediate environment and the global one. That's why at Cofely we guarantee quality of life at work, among other things, and why we continuously measure and improve our own impact on the environment. We strive for transparency in our operations and remain in open discussion with clients, suppliers, societal organisations and governments, so we can respond immediately to their current and future needs.

Han Blokland
CEO Cofely Nederland NV